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Respon Pemerintah Indonesia Terhadap Isu Keamanan Energi Global (Angga Reja Fadlie)

Submitted by: Fadlie, Angga Reja
On: Nov 19, 2014 @ 12:09 AM

  • Judul artikel eJournal: Respon Pemerintah Indonesia Terhadap Isu Keamanan Energi Global
  • Pengarang (nama mhs): Angga Reja Fadlie
  • Abstrak (max. 1600 huruf atau 250 kata): Oil as a primary energy source in the world influenced by various factors, which one is political factor. Politics disturbance in Middle East making oil price fluctuating and become unstable. Otherwise, the high growth of world economic made demands of petroleoum increased and at the end demands of petroleoum more than existing productions and should be using the world’s oil reserves. روليت دبل زيرو If this conditions happens continuously, there will be global energy crisis. Indonesia responded this by issuing Presidential Regulations No. 5 of 2006 about national energy security, that adopts the energy mix as final energy consumptions. But if it saw from the high use of petroleoum as an energy source, made it difficult to applied the energy mix. كازنو Afterward, Indonesian government issued Regulations No. 30 of 2007 about energy, which is discussed in it about national energy policy that included the used of energy. Otherwise, the government also issued many programs for developments and applications of the new and renewable energy and conduct energy diplomacy, both bilateral and multilateral. الكرابس
  • Kata kunci (max. 80 huruf atau 10 kata): energy security, new and renewable energy, indonesia
  • NIM: 1002045095
  • Angkatan (tahun masuk, mis. 2009): 2010
  • Program Studi: Ilmu Hubungan Internasional
  • Sumber tulisan: Skripsi
  • Pembimbing: Aisyah, S.IP, MA dan Sonny Sudiar, S.IP, MA
  • Nama eJournal: eJournal Ilmu Hubungan Internasional
  • Volume: 2
  • Nomor: 4
  • Tahun: 2014
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