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Pengunduran Diri Kanada dari Protokol Kyoto (Ike Anggi Yulianto)

Submitted by: Yulianto, Ike Anggi
On: Aug 31, 2013 @ 2:08 AM

  • Judul artikel eJournal: Pengunduran Diri Kanada dari Protokol Kyoto
  • Pengarang (nama mhs): Ike Anggi Yulianto
  • Abstrak (max. 1600 huruf atau 250 kata): As an effort to address global environment issue, world leaders established the Kyoto Protocol in 1997. This accord is the first environmental treaty that legally binding for countries that involved in it. Canada is one of the countries that decided to ratify this treaty in 2002 under the leadership of Prime Minister Jean Chretien. However, in the late 2011 Canada under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper changed it’s policy toward the Kyoto Protocol and annouced its withdrawl from the Kyoto protocol. The result of this research indicate that the factors that led Prime Minister Stephen Harper decided to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol was based on internal and external factors. The internal factors are Canada’s geographic and nature conditions; Canada economic dependence to FDI and oil and gas industry; Canada political process; and the failure of Canada to measure in emission reduction targets. Meanwhile, the external factors are the Kyoto Protocol it’s self and the world economic competition with NAFTA member countries.
  • Kata kunci (max. 80 huruf atau 10 kata): Protokol Kyoto, Pengunduran Diri Kanada
  • NIM: 0902045123
  • Angkatan (tahun masuk, mis. 2009): 2009
  • Program Studi: Ilmu Hubungan Internasional
  • Sumber tulisan: Skripsi
  • Pembimbing: Yuniarti, S.IP, M.Si ; Frentika Wahyu R, S.IP, MA
  • Nama eJournal: eJournal Ilmu Hubungan Internasional
  • Volume: 1
  • Nomor: 3
  • Tahun: 2013
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  • File artikel eJournal (format .PDF, max. 5 Mb): jurnal ike (08-31-13-02-08-31).pdf (65 kB)

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